Ghana’s drug lord ‘mad’ at my addiction story – Previous BBC Writer

Source: my newsgh

Former BBC Journalist Paa Joe Odonkor says after he shared his grace to grass story and how drugs destroyed his life, he seems to have stepped on many toes as people who sell the substance have cautioned him against such a move.

Paa Joe in an interview with SVTV last two years revealed how he used money he made from working with the BBC on drugs and how his life has ended miserably leaving him with nothing and losing a number of teeth in the process.

In the latest interview with SVTV Africa monitored by, Paa Joe indicated that after the interview, people have told him that they are not happy with him because his testimony may destroy their business because the youth will watch it and know that this is how they will end up so they will not use it.

“People out there don’t like the truth, there are very very different people with a different perspective. The people who sell the drugs are not happy that I come on air because when the children see it…the youth see it they will be scared of going to try it or been adventurous.”

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