They did me ‘juju’; I almost lost my sight because I was envied in a movie — Yvonne Nelson

Actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson says some actors out of jealousy of she been made the lead role in a movie had tried blinding her by using ‘Juju.’

According to the award winning actress, fellow actors on the set of ‘Material Girl’ which was shot seven years ago envied her when she was handed the major role.

Yvonne Nelson stated that it was her first time experiencing a ‘spiritual attack’.

Speaking on Accra based radio station Kingdom FM, she indicated that other cast on the set had constantly questioned why she was handed such a role, this she believes led to a spiritual attack which almost took away her sight.

“Ever since I joined the acting industry, it was just once that I felt that somebody may have done something to me. When I got home after shooting on set one day, I realized that my eyes had turned red but I took it for granted. So because of that, I was wearing sunglasses throughout the movie.

“Because I was the only lead actor in that movie titled ‘Material Girl’ I knew a lot of actors on the same set were not happy for me. I just felt the energies around me that people were not happy. When I first made an appearance on set, everybody was asking why me, where they brought me from and at that point I knew that there was something wrong,” she explained.

She added that all medical consultations to help her recover her sight proved futile and she had to turn to intensive prayers.

“I locked myself up in a room all day crying and praying to God, the next day my eyes started clearing up. It was getting better,” she added.


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